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Your Career Episode Report can make or break your chances at CDR approval to a great extent. Being the most significant and elaborate section of the CDR, this allows assessors to view the competencies you successfully own and reflect through practical work exposure. In every one of the three Career Episodes, you need to focus on a particular theme or event that helped you showcase the relevant skill set. Assessors at the EA are looking at hundreds of reports all the time and you need to stand out.

The professional approach to writing the Career Episodes is very important to stand out from the crowd. It is the professionalism of writers and engineers at CDRReport that helps you establish a firm ground with your submission, Hire cdr report for engineers australia. With close to a perfect approval rate, our career episode writers are simply the best.


We are the best CDR, RPL and KA02 writing service provider in Australia and New Zealand, providing report writing services for Skilled Migration & Immigration at affordable prices. Our assistance in the report preparation is professional, fast and relatively inexpensive comparing to other report writing service providers.

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